There was a time when all a Realtor needed to do was put a sign in the front yard and post some photos on the internet.

Times have changed.

It's a fact that the top two ways to sell your house include yard signage and internet marketing;
but, that in itself may not make your house stand out

Radio Tour:  There are a lot of houses on the market.  That's why every house I list will have a Radio Tour sign rider indicating the station your prospect should tune to so they can hear about the house while sitting in your driveway.  As you can imagine, the fully produced radio commercial (click here for an example) increases the chances that your prospect will call for a showing. 

Home Movies:  If your prospect turns to the internet first, a one-of-a-kind Home Movie (click here for an example) will present your house with full narration pointing out all the best attributes both verbally and visually.  We want to showcase your house the best way possible...and sometimes "the norm" just isn't enough.

My professors in business school called this a differential advantage.  In real life, I call it doing the best I can to earn your business and produce results.

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